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Zero Point Matric Manifestation Guide

These MP3’s are the tools that will lead you to the zero point, from where you can remove your self limiting beliefs, set out the intention as well as create the matching vibrations that will attract the things you desire, in the fastest possible way.Learn complete details about prana – the life force and the science of breathing to manifest your dreams. You will get: 1. MP3 1 Intention Activator 2. MP3-2 The Daha Tantra the negative energy remover. 3. MP3-3 The Positive Energy Creator.

Ebook- Rajah Sharma

The ZPM is a Mystic Manifestation Guide. It explains in details about the role of the mind, sub conscious mind as well as the universal mind, in the manifestation process. If you are not getting the desired results with the Law of attraction, you owe it to yourself to read this book and understand how the harmonic relation of all the minds is necessary to create the desired results.


Platinum Package

4 Phone sessions per month unlimited e-mail support




Gold Package

3 phone sessions per month, unlimited email support

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