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Zero point or the vortex?

What is the difference between the zero point and the vortex? 

One of my clients asked me the above question and I thought it would make an interesting topic for the blog. So, here it is.

Essentially, we are talking about the same thing in a different language. There are a lot of ways to the mountain top. There is not one right way. However, the fact remains that you can employ any system as long as you have belief in it.

The first and foremost thing is that you understand what I am talking about. I am talking about reaching the zero point which is not a physical or material state. You cannot experience it with your five senses. It is a sublime feeling and it encompasses your whole being. You feel “the feeling” when you are at the zero point. This feeling is heart based and not experienced with your mind. You get the “happy & giddy” feeling like you feel when you are in love. It is a state of ecstasy, a mystical experience. You feel the connection with the Source.

Once you reach the zero point you are in the flow. Life begins to flow and the resistance falls off. Typically, you are in one of the four states, fight, flight, freeze or flow.  Each of these states has a different frequency of vibration. .  For example, when you desire to manifest something you can only be in the above states, you are in a state of fight or flight meaning you running away from it or resisting it.  When you are in a state of freeze, you are in denial & not allowing it in your life, meaning your vibrations are not at the matching frequency.  The state of flow is where the magical life will appear and perhaps you may wonder where it has been all this time. The law of attraction works all the time, but if you are in a state of fight, flight or freeze you will continue to attract more of the same. In fact, you are manifesting everything by getting into a certain frequency of the vibration.

The source or the supreme power is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Basically, everything is energy and the creation itself is a vortex but our consciousness has not expanded to the level of this understanding. These vortexes can be at macroscopic level and microscopic level. The macroscopic level is the cosmic force and is out of the reach of our understanding and not in our control. We can call it the source, supreme power or God. However, at the microscopic level we can shift the frequency and penetrate different levels which are the physical, ethereal, mental, emotional, spiritual, monad, adi level. The zero point is the gateway.

In my next blog we will talk about how we can shift the frequency of vibration and move from the negative state to the positive state and experience the bliss.

Joy & blessings to all !

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