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Unlimited Powers–here is the proof—what will you do with yours? LOA in action!

As human beings we are endowed with unlimited powers. What will you do with yours?

Few years ago, I started with my quest for answers to activate and expedite   the process of LOA. It is my quest that has led me to the answers and proof beyond any doubts that indeed we have the capabilities of making any, and I mean “any” dream possible. Napoleon Hill was absolutely right when he said–whatever the mind of men can conceive and believe, he can achieve.  Human mind is limited. We belie what we see. However, the universe works in a different way. It says, if you believe it, you will see it. The thought of limitation in our mind, is what holds us to what we can be, do or have. I, myself, wanted to get some proof for the “limitlessness of the mind” -here is what I did !

Using, the Zero point Matrix system to activate the Law of Attraction, I set out the intention for some kind of sign that I can share with the world. After setting out the intention, I “let go” of the attachment of how it will come to me. Having done so I was led  to a spiritual journey in India.This is how the intention, for the quest of knowledge, manifested.

Like I said earlier, we have unlimited powers and we can use this power to do anything that we want. I heard about  a Indian Yogi–named prahalad Jani– he claims to not have taken food or drinks for several years–(60+ years) here is the link about the details on the  Reuters & CNN news and then you can come back to read more about the association with the LOA.




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