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The gateway to ascension or abundance!

The zero point is the gateway to the vortex.

The breathing matrix is the vehicle to reach the Zero Point, the gateway.

Today we are going to talk about the applications of this knowledge and how it can create a shift in your real life. In the last few blogs we have talked about Vitagara, the universal life force, which is vital, and intelligent. Once this life force is harnessed we can direct it with the power of the mind to achieve whatever we desire, be it ascension to higher realms or abundance of material wealth.

First of all it is important to know that this knowledge is not meant for the faint of the heart, because it challenges everything that you have known so far. It requires openness, determination and conviction, to step in here. But, the fact of the matter is that once you step into this realm you will never be the same.

The second important thing is for you to believe that we are spiritual beings. We are part and parcel of the Supreme power. We are unlimited beings and we have unlimited potentials. We are here to expand our consciousness (spiritual evolution) and we have received the bio body suit (our body) and a mind as tools to accomplish this expansion. We are here to enjoy, celebrate the power and experience life at its fullest. We are not here to suffer, or live a life of lack, limitation, fear and worry. Unfortunately, we  have forgotten who we are and we have attached with our body, mind and the material world and we believe that is all there is. The fact remains that we came here with nothing and we will not take anything with us. Obviously, there must be a bigger purpose to life than just creating material wealth and losing ourselves in the sensual pleasures.

There is lot more to life than what we experience with our five senses and the mind. However, to reach the vortexes of the higher dimensions we must raise our awareness. The fish born in a house aquarium, has awareness that is limited to it’s environment; it may not believe that there is a big ocean and the bigger mammals like the whales will exist. And perhaps if you could talk to the whales, they may not believe that huge cities, with skyscrapers, cars, planes, and humans traveling in space shuttle to the moon, also exist on the planet. Their awareness is limited to their waters. Similarly, most everyone  has awareness that is limited to their environments. The only thing that comes between you and the higher awareness is your conditioned mind.

There is lot more to the universe then what we can experience with our five senses. We can reach the higher realms by raising our frequency of vibrations. This can be achieved by breathing in certain patterns and activating our chakras or the energy vortexes in the body. The body and mind are tools and we must learn how to use them to reach the higher dimensions. It is critical to understand that our physical body is surrounded by etheric, astral, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, which we call aura. When we are talking about the ascension we are talking about raising our awarness and vibrational frequency to the desired level. We are not talking about raising the freqeuncy of vibrations so we can raise your physical body. Just like when a balloon is filled with helium it starts to rise to higher ground, you can harness the power of Vitagara, the universal life force and raise your consciousness to higher levels.

As I said earlier, it requires openness, determination and conviction to travel this road. It was not too long ago when the power of electricity was harnessed out of water.  It was new then but our generation does not even give it a thought. Almost 25% of United States is using this kinetic power of water as the primary source of energy.Same applies to the radio waves, microwaves, nuclear and the power of atoms that have been harnessed. We use the cell phones, internet, Wi-Fi and other technologies because we have harnessed the power of ethereal waves and radio waves. The present generation is very comfortable with the new technologies and perhaps does not remember when the first cell phone was as big as a shoe box (well J almost) Similarly, we are expanding our consciousness and learning how to harness the universal life force, Vitagara and raise our frequency of the vibrations that we are in. Perhaps, this is new today, but rest assured the level of our consciousness is rising and it will not be long before people start to work with this technology and start to raise the consciousness’ to the levels that we are resisting today. Even though the science has made so much progress the universe still has the secrets like the Pyramids, the stone hedges, the crop circles and so on.

I am willing to bet, that at a certain level, this will make sense to you. However, once the conditioned mind comes back in the picture it will start to dig in the heels and say this stuff is absurd. The fact of the matter is that mind is the cause of all the problems and as I said earlier the only thing that comes between you and the possibility of you experiencing the ultimate, is your mind.


Joy & Blessings to all !


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