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Raise your awarness and gain anything you want !

We can get anything we want—it is already here- it is just a matter of shifting the awareness of our capabilities.

We are like computers. Our subconscious mind is our internal control panel, (the motherboard in the computer) on this mother board there are several switches or thermostats (our paradigms). One for financial, physical, love, and success and so on—these are set early in our childhood. You must learn how to create a paradigm shift.

It is all about focus.  Have you ever used the sun light and magnifying glass to light paper on fire? The trick is to focus the glass on one spot. Same way, you have to do with your focus. In the manifestation process, whatever you focus on will expand.

Whatever you want to be, to do or to have is already here. It is available to us all the time, anytime, anywhere. It is as simple as shifting your awareness. Let’s say you are looking to grow financially. And, your yearly income is $ 100K per year. The only reason you are making $ 100K annually is because you are not aware of the process of making $ 100 k per month. Once your awareness grows, the paradigm will shatter by itself. The child does not have the same level of awareness as the adult. A seven year old sits behind the steering wheel of the car and thinks that the steering wheel is the sole mechanism involved in the movement of the car, yet as an adult, you would know the fine mechanism involved in the movement of the car. Similarly, the process of manifestation may not be of interest to you, but you must acknowledge the fact that the shift in awareness is necessary to evolve to a higher consciousness, to reach the abundance you desire.

The world is growing by leaps and bounds. We have access to opportunities that exist on the other side our world. In fact, I will be back home in California, just a few hours from now, but, at present, I am in India as I write this article. We can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is the result of the evolution of faculties of our brain. At one point in time, invention of electricity was great achievement. And today, we are enjoying the harnessing of the radio waves, the micro waves, by the use of televisions, micro waves, cell phones, computers, planes and so on.

The electricity, radio waves, hydro power, micro waves etc, are serving us because we have learned how to harness their powers. In other words, our awareness has grown. These powers were always existent; however, we were not aware about their capabilities. Similarly, the next phase will be to harness the power of the Vitagara, which is the universal live force. It is present in everything and everybody. This universal live force is intelligent. It can be harnessed by the power of mind. Naturally, it is hard for one to see or believe this because it is very new to us. 

Everything expands in stages. For us to experience the highest form of our being, we must go through the gradual process of growth.Our awareness expands in four stages. Initially, we start with the victim mentality, then we expand to the mini-creator or a manifestor, then we become the mystics or and finally we find our divine selves, which is the purpose of our birth in human form. We will continue to touch these stages in depth in future articles, however at present, my purpose it to help the people who have the victim mentality to manifest the life they desire so they can expedite the journey to the spiritual realms.

The zero point matrix is a simple rhythmic breathing technique that takes one to the zero point which is the state of mind where the thoughts are in the seed form. Once you reach this state you can invite the answers that you are looking for and you are able to get clarity of your purpose on earth as well as grow your awareness from inside out. Your intellect will grow at this point because you are not just accumulating information from other sources, but it is your own divine self that will be guiding you. You will not need to be pushed from outside, as your motivation will come from within. This will be the true source of your wealth.   

Once you reach the zero point you are able to harness the powers of Vitagara, the universal live force, which is infused with cosmic intelligence. Vitagara is the energy that envelopes the whole creation. Your higher self, Source energy or God-by whatever name you call him/her  is the first cause of this energy. The mind influences the flow of Vitagara and the Vitagara fuels the mind so they are interdependent. There are two worlds, one is the physical or material world that we experience with the five senses and the inside world is mental or spiritual. The mind is the connecting link between the two.

Vitagara is the energy that animates all the matter and provides vitality to the human body. The Vitagara provides outside information in form of intuition at the Buddhic level, which many refer to as the internal guidance system. If Vitagara is absorbed in excess, it will wake up unforeseen forces of the nature in the mind. These are the psychic powers. The Vitagara is the one that creates the shift in consciousness by infusing the required divine knowledge. The ability to become rich in any endeavor of life can be cultivated on demand by harnessing the powers of Vitagara.

Joy & blessings to all !

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