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Considering Rajah?



Working with Rajah

As a potential partner for your important event, you can expect the following attributes:

CommittedI will be thoroughly prepared for my presentation.  My presentation will be energetic, informative, on-time and on-target.

ReliableI will do what I say, and I will do it to the very   best of my ability – always.

 ProfessionalI will communicate clearly with you    before, during and after the            event to ensure everything runs smoothly.  I will be courteous, flexible and cooperative to make your job easier and the event successful.


Meeting Planner

You can make a booking inquiry at any time by contacting Rajah:

To ensure that your needs and my message are a good match, I will want to know more about the event and the attendees.  I will request information regarding:

·              The nature of your organization

·              The number of attendees and their general backgrounds

·              The purpose, theme, duration, and desired outcomes for your event

·              The challenges and opportunities your organization is facing

With this information, I can better refine my presentation for your group and provide the audience with more specific lessons and more applicable content.


When you are ready to work with Rajah Sharma, we will send you a Booking Agreement.



Event Preparation

After the engagement is booked, here are additional resources that you may need:


Audiovisual and room setup

  • white projection screen
  • elevated stage (appropriate to room size)
  • table on-stage (6×2)
  • projection table & two (2) power cords
  • wireless lavaliere microphone and sound system (if more than 50 people)
  • cloth-draped table in the back of the room (6×2)


Rajah’s  Introduction


Our speaker today is Rajah Sharma, the urban whisperer.


Once an accomplished night club owner and a restaurateur, Rajah Sharma diligently worked for the last decade to leap out of the ordinary, mundane lifestyle and created an energizing and insightful message for the world.

Originally from India but as American as “Taco-bell”-His personal experience of the “American Dream” and the “American Nightmare” led him to develop the Zero Point matrix-a simple but dynamic system, that allows one to harness Vitagara—the vital life force of the universe. His unique perspective will absolutely help you get to the mountain top, where you can access the divine guidance and help you unleash your reservoir of unlimited powers and create a quantum breakthrough in life

Please help me welcome, Rajah Sharma.



Rajah’s Photos
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