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How I discoverd the missing secret–Vitagara !

We all have events and incidents in life that becomes a turning point. These are the events that brings us face to face with our inner selves and makes us asks the questions –what is the life all about– is it about making money, creating success, having family, nice cars, traveling the world and so on. Or is it about learning life lesson and growing into a better human beings? I had such an incident in my life that was a turning point for me.

I was a Chef and a restaurateur in my past profession. I had a successful business, great family life, and a beautiful home with a nice pool in the backyard,  in Sacramento. My daughter was 2 years old and she loves butterflies and runs after them. On one such incident she snuck out of the bedroom door, while the others were in the living room/ She fell in the swimming pool, she was lying flat on her stomach when my ex-wife found her.

By the time I rushed home, the paramedics were already working on her. I was helpless, and praying hard for her life. I could not wait for us to reach the hospital and have the doctors work on her, but the diagnose the doctor gave was not good. He had given us only 50% for her survival and 80% for her brain being damaged. She was in coma for 13 days. The medical team had determined that she was under water for more than 5 to 6 minutes and her lungs were full of water and the brain was almost dead. It was the beginning of summer, and in the next few days there were three more cases of near drowning, unfortunately, they did not survive. I have never seen fear from  soclose. It is only when your loved ones are facing death, and you are helpless, you start to think about the higher powers. This was one of those times.

But we were lucky, we were graced upon by the higher powers. There was a divine intervention and after 13 grueling days, she just opened her eyes and was released from the hospital. To our surprise, the first thing she asked for, when we reached home was–  Can we go swimming? I’ll let you imagine the emotions I felt at that time. Soon after we moved to a home without a swimming pool. This incident made her more precious then ever. It also had me looking into the secret powers of the life force which eventually led me to Vitagara.

Vitagara is the universal live force that is present in everything and everybody. We believe that the breathing keeps us alive, and the oxygen that we take in is the life giving element. In other words, we think, that without oxygen, we may die. However, it is my belief that this is not a correct perception. Because if the oxygen was the life giving element- we can give oxygen to a dead body and bring it back to life. So evidently, there is another life giving element in the air we breath.

I have coined a new term for this life force. I call it VITAGARA. Just like Niagara is the torrent of water. Vitagara is a torrent of life. The word vita- in Latin- means life. From the same word we get  vital, vitality, and vivacious. The same live force has different names in other disciplines, for example, Prana, Chi, Qi etc. However, the whole idea behind the new word is to remove the old thought and religious implications and highlight the new association with the manifestation process.

The live force, Vitagara, is the intelligent life force behind everything in the creation. It is present in the animate and inanimate objects. In the inanimate objects it is present in the latent form. For example if you look a lily, daffodil, or a dahlia bulb, it just does not start to grow at anytime. It has the Vitagara present in it and only when the time and conditions are right it will come to life. This is just a simple example to bring across the point of the intelligence in the Live force.

Here lyes a great secret for your success. It took a while for my coaching, and professional speaking career to take off and i can tell you that you may be holding the success in your hands. Just like it takes the right time & place ( read the spiritual laws) , for a bulb to blossom, it may take a little while and the right time & place for your success to manifest. It is important to hold on to that belief and delve in the faith– it is on it’s way, if it is not here, it is on the other side waiting for the right time and right place to deliver. The Vitagara is truly amazing and intelligent force, it never lets you down.

Others talk about this life force as the field or the intelligence that connects everyone and everything. It envelopes everything in the creation. This life force can be harness by using the “Yoga of the Mind” and once you harness this power you will have the ability to reach the higher intelligence that will show you the way to reach your life goals. It will give you clarity and help you find your purpose.

It was not very long ago we learned to harness the hydro power from the water. This is a kinetic energy that was always present in the water. However, it was only recent that we learn how to harness this force and use it to better our lives.

Another, energy force that we have harness is the radio waves. You already know how the radio waves are transmitted in one city and are picked up in your car ( sometimes hundreds of miles away) or perhpas similar waves that are harnessed to use for the cell phones– can you imagine it was just a few years ago that we could not have phones without the land lines and the bulky wires are still present in most of the old countries.

Similalry, as a part of evolution we are going towards the next phase in the understanding of the force, which is pyshic in nature. Since the manifestation process is based on the inner world of the mind , thoughts and the psychic powers, this knowledge will be the key ingredient for anyone who wants to master the secrets of the manifestation process.

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