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Instant Manifestation!

 A simple technique to get what you desire, instantly.

Many people are not getting the results from the Law of attraction. They have watched the movie– the secret– and have followed the system all the way. They have created the dream board, did the visualizations, the incantations and followed the system completely. But yet have to get what they want.

Are you one of them? Are you looking for  wealth or trying to get into perfect health or looking for the fabulous relationship ? Are you having problems to be, do or have what you want? Well, worry not, because I will share with you a simple but profound secret that I learned from one of the great masters.

As you know everything in the world is energy, in the form of waves of possibilities. We choose our reality or experience, by our thoughts. The visualization, dream boards, incantations and all other  tools and rituals are there to help us focus our thoughts on the things that we desire. The science behind this is to get clarity  for what we want. I have created the “Yoga for the mind” for this purpose.

Once you get clarity, then you have to set out the intention . After that,  you should focus on your energy with clarity and consistency and you will be able to turn your dreams into reality.

Our energy flows in four directions. We are in one of the four states of energy. Fight, flight, freeze or flow. The only way to manifest positive results for what we desire , is to be in the state of flow. However, our conditioning does not allow us to get into the state of flow. This is due to the fear, whether it is the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown or any other fears. Because of the fear we  create a resistance or an approach avoidance. The fear comes from our past conditionings and is present in our body in the form of stagnated energy.  The best way to remove these stagnated energy is through the breathing matrix and aligning you chakras or the energy vortexes in your body.  By breathing in certain rhythmatic patterns you are able to get these energies flowing and once the stagnated energy starts to move you will be able to create the vibrations that will get you in the flow.

For the next few days, pay attention to the way you are feeling. If you are in a state of worry, fear or doubt, then stop for a moment. Close your eyes–not if you are driving 🙂 — then bring your focus on the tip of your nose. Count till four and take a deep breath. Then hold it for another count of four, and then let it out for another count of four. Do this five times. Ask yourself, what can I do right now to reach my goal. Take a small action towards your goal, no matter what it is–just do it !


Joy & blessings to all !

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