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How to turn on the switch for the LOA–Get in the flow

One of my new clients was struggling with his finances and wanted some quick result in 2011. I thought this will be a great topic for a blog,  since  I know a lot of people would have made resolutions for the new year and this article could help them get results in their life. The topic will apply to finances, weight loss, or attracting the relationship or the job, success in business or anything else that you are struggling with.

Last week, he asked me if there was a simple way to manifest things in life.  How do we be, do or have things in life?  Can we turn on the manifestation process, like we flip a switch for a light?

The answer is "Yes". The process of manifestation is very simple.Each one of us has the free will and that makes us unrestricted and we are created with unlimited potential. However, we often struggle with manifesting the life of our dreams or attracting the success in business or the relationship that we desire. 

Everything that we do or don't do or everything we get or don't get has the root in the sub-conscious mind. It is our mind and our conditioning that stops us from getting the things that we desire. The only thing that comes between where you want to be and where you are — is your mind. Once you learn how to manage your thoughts everything will fall in place. The LOA states that what you focus on expands. So if you are not getting the things that you want in your life, then you need to look at what you are focused on. Are you focused on the lack of what you want– are you trying to figure out "How" it will come to you ? or are you struggling with your belief system? If this is the case then you must immediately focus on what you want and the feeling it will give you when you have what you desire. I ask my clients to get into a state of  GRATITUDE ! A simple exercise that one can do  before falling asleep and upon waking up. Besides this, you must set out the intention in the right way and then keep your attention on what you want and away from what you don't want. ( Lack & limitation- feeling)

You must also persevere to remove the self limiting beliefs and the internal blocks that are on cruise control and works on creating the resistance in the flow. You must have read in all the books and, in fact, all coaches and masters will tell you that your inner world creates your outer world. You will have to get in the inner world to make this change.MyMP3 set of audio system can help you do this. If your score card reads minus ten (-10) and you want to turn it to plus 10 ( +10) then you will have to come to the zero point. The zero point matrix is a simple and dynamic system to get you to this point. This is the gateway, to the higher realms and an easy way to expedite the manifestation process.

The manifestation process is very simple. We have all the abilities to make our dreams into reality. The exoteric knowledge, taught in school & colleges, is not enough. You must have the understandings of esoteric knowledge as well. How the unseen becomes seen?


How does the small acorn turn into the huge oak tree? Where is the switch?

The switch is in your mind– Stop the mind from coming in the way and JUST DO IT !

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