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How to create the vibrations to attract the things we desire in life.

Hi All,

I have been working with the law of attraction for a while. Everything I have read and heard so far always says that “your inner world creates your outer world”. Also since everything is energy, including our body, our minds and our thoughts, we have to learn to manage this energy to create a shift in the conditions that we want to change in our lives.

The energy I am talking about is the vibrations that we send out. To be very precise the creative electro magnetic vibes. These vibes attracts the things, people, circumstances into our lives that will allow us to be do or have what we desire.This is a very subtle energy and is managed by the kind of breathing we do. Like when we are angry or stressed our breathing is shallow–and to relax we take long & deep breath–right through our belly-and in the air we breath there is a life froce– that is vital and intelligent–I have coined a term VITAGARA-even though this is the same force as chi, or prana-I use the Vitagara term in refrence to manifestation process–to refrain from old religious- implications–

In contrast to what people believe, we do not stay alive with just the oxygen we take in from the air we breath–if that was the case we can bring people back to life by giving oxygen to dead people– It is Vitagara that is the life force- and it is the intelligent & vital force–it is present in everything– animate as well as inanimate ( in latent form)

Just like you can harness the power of etherical waves to trasmit electricity or radio waves, we can learn to harness the power of this life force– Vitagara– this is the most important and the missing link in the execution of the LOA and the manifestation of any intention

Watch for more articles on “Vitagara” — the universal life force that is present in everyone and everything– and how to harness its power through yoga of the mind and breathing.

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