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How to be in the vortex?

In the last blog we talked about the macroscopic and the microscopic vortexes. We have no control over the macroscopic vortex, which is the cosmic or the divine energy vortex. However we do have the power to get into any of the microscopic vortexes, just by shifting the frequency of our vibration.

Before you can get into the vortex you must go to the Zero point. This is the gateway to the vortex. For example, if you are moving from negative to positive states of vibrations, you will have to come to the point of shift, the ground zero.  To clarify this, let us use a numerical example. Let’s say you want to move from -10 (negative) to +10 (positive). You will have to rise up from -10 to -9,-8,-7,-6 and so on till you reach the state of ZERO. Once there, you will start to shift to + 1, +2, +3 and so on. Similar, journey is required to shift the frequency of your vibration and move from negative to positive vortex.

The Zero point is the gate way to the vortex.  In quantum physics the zero point is the lowest point of energy. In material or physical world the thought is considered as the seed level of all manifestation. It is known as the “beej” in Sanskrit, (sometimes used as the beeja mantra). The thought is what gives the frequency to the vibration that you want to create. What I mean is; for you to be able to create a shift in the frequency of your vibration, you have to create a shift in your focus. The change of focus is nothing more than the activity of the mind and the easiest way to control the mind is through breath awareness.

The Supreme power, the Gods or the source has given us the body and mind as a tool to experience the life.  By using the mind or the thought focus we can shift the frequency of the vibrations we are in. If the mind is focused on the lack, limitation, loss, fear, doubt and worry; then we are in dense vibration and are stuck in negative state. If you want to move to higher state then you have to shift your vibrations to a higher frequency. The higher frequency of the vibration is a requisite to move to the gateway of the Zero point and then into the desired vortex. The higher frequency of vibrations can be achieved by having a higher supply of the life force, Vitagara. Just like the space shuttle needs to exert additional energy to get out of the earth atmosphere and into the space, the body & mind requires additional life force to rise to higher frequency of vibration to get to the vortex. The life force can be harnessed by rhythmic breathing.

The Zero point Matrix is a dynamic system of rhythmic breathing. You breathe in certain patterns to harness additional life force that will create a shift in your frequency. This life force is called Vitagara. This life force is also known as prana, chi, qui and other names. However, I want to stay away from the old religious implications, and therefore have coined a new term, Vitagara. The Vita means life and Vitagara is the torrent of life.

In our next blog we will talk about the secrets of the Vitagara and how we can harness it.

Joy & blessings to all !

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