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How to create the shift in your energy ( vibrations) to activate LOA

 Last year, one of my clients, Sheila (Not her real name) , was going through a divorce. The stress of divorce was reflecting in her behavior with the kids and subsequently the kids were not doing well in school. They were constantly getting in trouble. She was financially strained. She heard about Law of attraction from her friends and she was working with it, however she was not getting the results she desired. She saw the movie "the secret" repeatedly and had a great belief in the law, but it just did not seem to work for her, the way she wanted. She said that she had created her dream board, created affirmations and journals but something was missing. Some how she was still attracting things that she did not want and not enough of what she wanted. She was still having issues either in the family life, or her personal relationships, and most of all the finances. She was frustrated and was looking for a long term solution, when she came to me. She wanted balance in her life.

 After our initial discovery session, I brought to her attention that even though she was working with the dream boards, and affirmations and wishing for the law of attractions to come to her aid, her overall energy was not in tune with the things she desired. Her energy,her body language and her thoughts at the depth of her core being was not congruent with what she desired. The vibrations ( energy) that she set out in the universe were of lack and limitation. She had pent up emotions inside of her and she could not release that energy and the vibrations she was putting out was not right- The universe was obviously confused.

Once she started to work with the "yoga for the mind", she was able to get the thoughts under control.  I shared with her the things that were not being said in the movie and shared with her the importance of gratitude and how to follow her internal guidance system. This understanding and working with the "daha tantra" mp3 allowed here to release the pent up energy and started to breath and feel different. Her tone changed, her energy shifted and she started setting out the intentions that she wanted in the right manner–today she has the right man in her life and her life has turned around. I can feel the joy in her voice and feel her spirit in the her email.

 The moral of the story is that if you are working with LOA and not getting the results you must take a look at where your dominant thoughts are going–what is it that you are thinking of most of the day– do you think about the abundance and show gratitude for what you have in your life or are you focused on lack & limitation. The thoughts are energy and they create the vibrations that we send out in the world. We have 60,000 thoughts per day ( approximately) that means about 42 thoughts per minutes. The "yoga for the mind" will show you how to slow down these thoughts and how to create the ones that are congruent to what you desire.Perhaps, another way would be to find turn the thoughts in the right direction so the energy and vibrations that are created will expedite the manifestation process.

For now , just focus on what you keep on thinking for the next couple of days–are your thoughts about what you already have or are you focused on what you don't have ! The look at what you are manifesting in your life and if you need to make a change you may want to start working with your mind and thoughts.

More to come !

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