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Goal setting for 2011

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I would like to wish all of you'll a very merry Christmas and a very happy & a prosperous new year.

It seems like this year has passed rather quickly. This is a good time to look at the past year and celebrate the accomplishments and set goals for the up coming year. Lot of us set goals for personal growth and attaining material things in life. Clear goals are essential foundation of success and life mastery. Lasting changes in life comes with precise objectives in every facet of ones life. The most successful people know where they are going and set goals in all aspects of their lives, which includes, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial goals. Once the goals are set, you must focus on those goals with deep emotions and expectation of achieving those goals.

I follow a very simple goal setting plan and I would like to share that with you as a gift:

7 step goal setting formula:

  1. Know what your deepest desires are: This is perhaps the biggest secret of success, knowing precisely what you desire and what your secret ambitions are. The best way to do this is to visualize your eulogy being read at your own funeral. What would you like to be on it? Do you want to hear that you were the best parent, or the richest man/woman or perhaps a great athlete or a successful businessperson? Think deeply and decide what you would like to achieve in this life time.
  2. Focus on your goals: You become what you think. This is an ageless wisdom that has been passed on to us and one must take time to understand and implement this in ones life- Focus on what you desire to bring in life and create deep thoughts and emotions that will activate the Law of attraction to set the stage to attracts the life that you desire.
  3. Set precise goals: Some gurus and masters suggest that you must set goals with deadlines. However, it has been my life experience that when you set deadline, you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to achieve goals in that time line. Having attachment, creates thoughts of worry and doubt. since, the universe is working for the better good of all– it sometimes takes time to line everything up to manifest and all that is required of you is total faith that it is on its way– one way to look at this is when you set a seed in the ground, you must just wait for the nature to take it's course. The plant needs water & sunlight and you may control the water but you have no direct control over the sunlight, similarly, you must let nature do it's work–just have faith and it will come.
  4. Success is a habit: You must take action on daily bases, no matter how small the action it, do something everyday and before you know you will reach your goal. If you decide to improve 1% everyday, in thirty days you will grow 30% and in a year you will be 365% better. A good thing to remember is that it takes approximately 21 days or 3 weeks to form a habit. Once you are past the 3 weeks, it will become an habit and you will not be working as hard to take the particular action.
  5. Share your goals with others: Sharing your goals will create synergy and put light pressure on you to keep taking actions towards that goal.
  6. Join mastermind groups: Once you share your goals with other, you will see that the LOA will get into motion and people with similar interest or opportunities will come your way. You can use online groups and mastermind teams that will help you stay focused and motivated. Moreover, you will be able to share ideas and be a mentor to someone else. Remember. the best way to  grow is to teach someone what you know.
  7. Celebrate your milestones: Once you set your goals, you may want to chunk it down so you will have the opportunity to reach the milestones and celebrate success. This will give you confidence and belief that your lofty goals are possible–how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time !!


I have been very blessed and in my endeavor to share my blessings with as many people as possible I have created this blog and I intent to share my life experience and my knowledge that will allow you to manifest the life you desire.

Here's to your success

Rajah Sharma

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