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Design your Destiny–The secret laws of wealth. Five(5) spiritual laws!

·         Understand the 5 Spiritual laws the “Gurus” will not tell you about.  

Instead of drifting by default of your past conditioning, you must learn to design your destiny by yourself. However, before you put a lot of energy behind it, you must understand the laws of nature that will give you guidance in this upcoming year. Then take time and contemplate upon each of these laws and write down the answers that flow to you. Within that answers there will be a “REVELATION”—follow your instincts from there on and before you know, you will be swimming in the ocean of wealth.

1.        Study of difference. Your difference from the “average Joe” or "mediocre Marry"– decides the importance of the role that you play. The difference in the role is the seed for reward. Out of this seed will come  your tree of wealth and the opportunity for significance. This is the gate for recognition. Take for example the top players in our world—what is synonymous with the following people—

·         Tiger Woods  = Golf

·         Bill Gates = personal computers

·         Mohammad Ali=boxing

·         Michael Jordan = Basket ball

In any endeavor you will find that there are leaders and they are the top earners of their respective industry. Perhaps this is because they have taken the time to find their “difference” and follow the spiritual laws.

What is the one difference you have?


Find the difference and then find how you can solve people's pain with your difference


You have no value till you solve a problem and once you learn how to do that you will get into synchronicity with the universe. You will get into the flow.

2.        Law of recognition: Everything you want is real close to you- something you really want, but don’t know where to look, is very close to you. Ask yourself what is it that you are not seeing?  Quiet your mind with the "yoga of  the mind" and wait to hear the answer. Perhaps in the people or things or circumstances that it is trying to show you a way to reach to your destination. Universe is a prankster; he/she likes to hide things in something,somebody, or in some circumstances and a lot of times in a way that you do not enjoy. It is up to you to keep looking and recognize the signals. Perhaps this blog could be one of the links. So continue to look and when your inner guidance system “sends you the signal” be there to accept it.


3.  Law of mind: Mind is your best friend or your worst enemy. Learn to work with your mind and you will be flowing in wealth, faster than you ever thought possible. The mind is like a child and it cannot be forced to do anything, it will start to throw tantrums. The best way to deal with it is to befriend it. Know what works the best, because your success depends on the mind.

 One helpful hint is that mind needs a hero- it works with images. So find your role model, create environment that are good for the mind.

 I like to set the images that create the mood for me. In my office, on my laptop, in my room, I have images of the things that I desire. This creates the sub conscious reminders of what I am working for. Then the work is not work, but it becomes joy. I have the  music that triggers my mind of happy memories, my successful moments, I have created triggers to snap it out of dull moments and I know when it really needs to rest, so I know not to force it and relax. Doing so, brings extra energy to my mind , my body and my spirit when I return to work.

 I have created the "Yoga for the mind" so you can learn to manage your mind, your-self-talk & conversations with your self must be that of optimism and enthusiasm, the love for life, about joy, happiness and success of the past and the future, that are on the way. Learn to focus-the thoughts, the energy in the direction of the things you desire and refrain from negative people, things and circumstances.


4.  Law of place: One of the important laws is, everything has a time and a place for it to happen. You must be in the right environment for the things to click for you. You need to surround yourself with people of like mind and perhaps create a mastermind group of people whom you can help and who can motivate you to keep moving forward. Perhaps this is why the saying- “birds of the same feather flock together”. Just take an example of a fish, when it is out of the water it will look stupid flapping its gills and with puckered mouth, gasping for air. However, if you just put it in the water it will swiftly swim away. This is because it belongs in the water. Similarly, if you are a blogger, a web marketer, or teacher, coach, guru or in any other endeavor, you must be in the right place and surrounded by people who has a need for your services. If you try to sell snow in Alaska it may not work, however a water stand will do great in a desert, provided there is traffic. You must remember that everything solves a problem and problems drives prosperity. Hence the place, the need and the environment is important 

5.     Law of time: Like the Law of place, the Law of time is equally important. This is one of nature’s important laws. Many people face defeat because they have failed to understand this law. Lot of people give up, just a step before they are about to strike rich. You must make sure you are not one of them. When you put a seed in the ground, it takes time for it to grow into a tree and then to bear the fruits. You do not get impatient and start to stomp on the ground asking it to hurry up, similarly you must give time to any endeavor in life, be it search for knowledge, wealth, love, joy, happiness or relationship. When the time is right things will appear like magic. Patience and perseverance is the key. In the meantime, it is important to make sure that the energy you send out to the universe is of positive nature. Be expectant, but with faith and excitement of how it will feel when you have what you desire. Your higher self is looking for the best possible ways to make your dreams come true, and since it works for the better good of all and there is no separation in the universe, meaning we are all one, it takes time for things to manifest, in the perfect manner


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