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Breakthrough the Limits– remove your internal barriers.

Have you set lofty goals for 2011? Is your beliefs in tune with what you desire? If yes ! then you are bound to achieve what you have set out for.

What color glasses are you wearing ? For a lot of us, our childhood conditioning  comes in the way of goal achievement.

As humans we have unlimited powers. My last article has a link about an Indian Yogi who claims to not have eaten for 70 years. Yes ! that is right –70 years. It is hard for anyone to fathom that it is possible to survive without food. In fact, most of the medical doctors will say that it is hard for anyone to survive without food or water for more than 4 days and science has no answers for this man. I used to hear a lot of stories about yogis in the Himalayas as well as the Gir forest in India and the more I look into the subject I am totally awed by the feats some of these people can perform.One of the yogis I had recently met, explained to me that once they were past the belief system, they were able to achieve any feat and it was only through focus and perseverance that they have achieved these powers. Moreover, these powers are available to everyone.

In one story , a goldfish, which was born in a small bowl, was told about a huge lake but it would not believe that such a lake can exist, it fact it did not understand the word “Lake” because it was foreign, and similarly, a fish born in the lake did not know about the “river” and the fish born in river did not know about the “ocean” or about the existence of big fish– whales– However, the fact remains that even though each one had set their limitations based on what they have “SEEN’  and their social and cultural conditionings, their belief was limited– and they could not experience a better way of life–because of their limitations.


Similarly, you can see that there are several big fish in our world  whether you look at , The Dalai Lama, Princess Diane, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther kind and in recent times President Obama,Oprah Winfrey, Bill gates, Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and several other people in all walks of life, who have achieved greatness in their respected fields. It is through sheer perseverance, belief and faith, that is available to all humans. It is just a matter of application and determination on your part that can get you to the same level of greatness.

Similarly, if one can open their minds about the possibilities of the universe being intelligent and that it brings us the people, circumstances and opportunities and it is up to us to recognize them. The yoga of the mind is one such program that you can learn to develop the skills of perseverance and focus. Once you learn how to manage your mind and know how to let go of the attachments and expectations of “things” coming to us in a certain way, only then we will be able to get the results that we want.

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