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03 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Breakthrough the Limits– remove your internal barriers.

Have you set lofty goals for 2011? Is your beliefs in tune with what you desire? If yes ! then you are bound to achieve what you have set out for.

What color glasses are you wearing ? For a lot of us, our childhood conditioning  comes in the way of goal achievement.

As humans we have unlimited powers. My last article has a link about an Indian Yogi who claims to not have eaten for 70 years. Yes ! that is right –70 years. It is hard for anyone to fathom that it is possible to survive without food. In fact, most of the medical doctors will say that it is hard for anyone to survive without food or water for more than 4 days and science has no answers for this man. I used to hear a lot of stories about yogis in the Himalayas as well as the Gir forest in India and the more I look into the subject I am totally awed by the feats some of these people can perform.One of the yogis I had recently met, explained to me that once they were past the belief system, they were able to achieve any feat and it was only through focus and perseverance that they have achieved these powers. Moreover, these powers are available to everyone.

In one story , a goldfish, which was born in a small bowl, was told about a huge lake but it would not believe that such a lake can exist, it fact it did not understand the word “Lake” because it was foreign, and similarly, a fish born in the lake did not know about the “river” and the fish born in river did not know about the “ocean” or about the existence of big fish– whales– However, the fact remains that even though each one had set their limitations based on what they have “SEEN’  and their social and cultural conditionings, their belief was limited– and they could not experience a better way of life–because of their limitations.


Similarly, you can see that there are several big fish in our world  whether you look at , The Dalai Lama, Princess Diane, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther kind and in recent times President Obama,Oprah Winfrey, Bill gates, Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and several other people in all walks of life, who have achieved greatness in their respected fields. It is through sheer perseverance, belief and faith, that is available to all humans. It is just a matter of application and determination on your part that can get you to the same level of greatness.

Similarly, if one can open their minds about the possibilities of the universe being intelligent and that it brings us the people, circumstances and opportunities and it is up to us to recognize them. The yoga of the mind is one such program that you can learn to develop the skills of perseverance and focus. Once you learn how to manage your mind and know how to let go of the attachments and expectations of “things” coming to us in a certain way, only then we will be able to get the results that we want.

02 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Unlimited Powers–here is the proof—what will you do with yours? LOA in action!

As human beings we are endowed with unlimited powers. What will you do with yours?

Few years ago, I started with my quest for answers to activate and expedite   the process of LOA. It is my quest that has led me to the answers and proof beyond any doubts that indeed we have the capabilities of making any, and I mean “any” dream possible. Napoleon Hill was absolutely right when he said–whatever the mind of men can conceive and believe, he can achieve.  Human mind is limited. We belie what we see. However, the universe works in a different way. It says, if you believe it, you will see it. The thought of limitation in our mind, is what holds us to what we can be, do or have. I, myself, wanted to get some proof for the “limitlessness of the mind” -here is what I did !

Using, the Zero point Matrix system to activate the Law of Attraction, I set out the intention for some kind of sign that I can share with the world. After setting out the intention, I “let go” of the attachment of how it will come to me. Having done so I was led  to a spiritual journey in India.This is how the intention, for the quest of knowledge, manifested.

Like I said earlier, we have unlimited powers and we can use this power to do anything that we want. I heard about  a Indian Yogi–named prahalad Jani– he claims to not have taken food or drinks for several years–(60+ years) here is the link about the details on the  Reuters & CNN news and then you can come back to read more about the association with the LOA.




23 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How to turn on the switch for the LOA–Get in the flow

One of my new clients was struggling with his finances and wanted some quick result in 2011. I thought this will be a great topic for a blog,  since  I know a lot of people would have made resolutions for the new year and this article could help them get results in their life. The topic will apply to finances, weight loss, or attracting the relationship or the job, success in business or anything else that you are struggling with.

Last week, he asked me if there was a simple way to manifest things in life.  How do we be, do or have things in life?  Can we turn on the manifestation process, like we flip a switch for a light?

The answer is "Yes". The process of manifestation is very simple.Each one of us has the free will and that makes us unrestricted and we are created with unlimited potential. However, we often struggle with manifesting the life of our dreams or attracting the success in business or the relationship that we desire. 

Everything that we do or don't do or everything we get or don't get has the root in the sub-conscious mind. It is our mind and our conditioning that stops us from getting the things that we desire. The only thing that comes between where you want to be and where you are — is your mind. Once you learn how to manage your thoughts everything will fall in place. The LOA states that what you focus on expands. So if you are not getting the things that you want in your life, then you need to look at what you are focused on. Are you focused on the lack of what you want– are you trying to figure out "How" it will come to you ? or are you struggling with your belief system? If this is the case then you must immediately focus on what you want and the feeling it will give you when you have what you desire. I ask my clients to get into a state of  GRATITUDE ! A simple exercise that one can do  before falling asleep and upon waking up. Besides this, you must set out the intention in the right way and then keep your attention on what you want and away from what you don't want. ( Lack & limitation- feeling)

You must also persevere to remove the self limiting beliefs and the internal blocks that are on cruise control and works on creating the resistance in the flow. You must have read in all the books and, in fact, all coaches and masters will tell you that your inner world creates your outer world. You will have to get in the inner world to make this change.MyMP3 set of audio system can help you do this. If your score card reads minus ten (-10) and you want to turn it to plus 10 ( +10) then you will have to come to the zero point. The zero point matrix is a simple and dynamic system to get you to this point. This is the gateway, to the higher realms and an easy way to expedite the manifestation process.

The manifestation process is very simple. We have all the abilities to make our dreams into reality. The exoteric knowledge, taught in school & colleges, is not enough. You must have the understandings of esoteric knowledge as well. How the unseen becomes seen?


How does the small acorn turn into the huge oak tree? Where is the switch?

The switch is in your mind– Stop the mind from coming in the way and JUST DO IT !

21 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How I discoverd the missing secret–Vitagara !

We all have events and incidents in life that becomes a turning point. These are the events that brings us face to face with our inner selves and makes us asks the questions –what is the life all about– is it about making money, creating success, having family, nice cars, traveling the world and so on. Or is it about learning life lesson and growing into a better human beings? I had such an incident in my life that was a turning point for me.

I was a Chef and a restaurateur in my past profession. I had a successful business, great family life, and a beautiful home with a nice pool in the backyard,  in Sacramento. My daughter was 2 years old and she loves butterflies and runs after them. On one such incident she snuck out of the bedroom door, while the others were in the living room/ She fell in the swimming pool, she was lying flat on her stomach when my ex-wife found her.

By the time I rushed home, the paramedics were already working on her. I was helpless, and praying hard for her life. I could not wait for us to reach the hospital and have the doctors work on her, but the diagnose the doctor gave was not good. He had given us only 50% for her survival and 80% for her brain being damaged. She was in coma for 13 days. The medical team had determined that she was under water for more than 5 to 6 minutes and her lungs were full of water and the brain was almost dead. It was the beginning of summer, and in the next few days there were three more cases of near drowning, unfortunately, they did not survive. I have never seen fear from  soclose. It is only when your loved ones are facing death, and you are helpless, you start to think about the higher powers. This was one of those times.

But we were lucky, we were graced upon by the higher powers. There was a divine intervention and after 13 grueling days, she just opened her eyes and was released from the hospital. To our surprise, the first thing she asked for, when we reached home was–  Can we go swimming? I’ll let you imagine the emotions I felt at that time. Soon after we moved to a home without a swimming pool. This incident made her more precious then ever. It also had me looking into the secret powers of the life force which eventually led me to Vitagara.

Vitagara is the universal live force that is present in everything and everybody. We believe that the breathing keeps us alive, and the oxygen that we take in is the life giving element. In other words, we think, that without oxygen, we may die. However, it is my belief that this is not a correct perception. Because if the oxygen was the life giving element- we can give oxygen to a dead body and bring it back to life. So evidently, there is another life giving element in the air we breath.

I have coined a new term for this life force. I call it VITAGARA. Just like Niagara is the torrent of water. Vitagara is a torrent of life. The word vita- in Latin- means life. From the same word we get  vital, vitality, and vivacious. The same live force has different names in other disciplines, for example, Prana, Chi, Qi etc. However, the whole idea behind the new word is to remove the old thought and religious implications and highlight the new association with the manifestation process.

The live force, Vitagara, is the intelligent life force behind everything in the creation. It is present in the animate and inanimate objects. In the inanimate objects it is present in the latent form. For example if you look a lily, daffodil, or a dahlia bulb, it just does not start to grow at anytime. It has the Vitagara present in it and only when the time and conditions are right it will come to life. This is just a simple example to bring across the point of the intelligence in the Live force.

Here lyes a great secret for your success. It took a while for my coaching, and professional speaking career to take off and i can tell you that you may be holding the success in your hands. Just like it takes the right time & place ( read the spiritual laws) , for a bulb to blossom, it may take a little while and the right time & place for your success to manifest. It is important to hold on to that belief and delve in the faith– it is on it’s way, if it is not here, it is on the other side waiting for the right time and right place to deliver. The Vitagara is truly amazing and intelligent force, it never lets you down.

Others talk about this life force as the field or the intelligence that connects everyone and everything. It envelopes everything in the creation. This life force can be harness by using the “Yoga of the Mind” and once you harness this power you will have the ability to reach the higher intelligence that will show you the way to reach your life goals. It will give you clarity and help you find your purpose.

It was not very long ago we learned to harness the hydro power from the water. This is a kinetic energy that was always present in the water. However, it was only recent that we learn how to harness this force and use it to better our lives.

Another, energy force that we have harness is the radio waves. You already know how the radio waves are transmitted in one city and are picked up in your car ( sometimes hundreds of miles away) or perhpas similar waves that are harnessed to use for the cell phones– can you imagine it was just a few years ago that we could not have phones without the land lines and the bulky wires are still present in most of the old countries.

Similalry, as a part of evolution we are going towards the next phase in the understanding of the force, which is pyshic in nature. Since the manifestation process is based on the inner world of the mind , thoughts and the psychic powers, this knowledge will be the key ingredient for anyone who wants to master the secrets of the manifestation process.

08 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How to create the vibrations to attract the things we desire in life.

Hi All,

I have been working with the law of attraction for a while. Everything I have read and heard so far always says that “your inner world creates your outer world”. Also since everything is energy, including our body, our minds and our thoughts, we have to learn to manage this energy to create a shift in the conditions that we want to change in our lives.

The energy I am talking about is the vibrations that we send out. To be very precise the creative electro magnetic vibes. These vibes attracts the things, people, circumstances into our lives that will allow us to be do or have what we desire.This is a very subtle energy and is managed by the kind of breathing we do. Like when we are angry or stressed our breathing is shallow–and to relax we take long & deep breath–right through our belly-and in the air we breath there is a life froce– that is vital and intelligent–I have coined a term VITAGARA-even though this is the same force as chi, or prana-I use the Vitagara term in refrence to manifestation process–to refrain from old religious- implications–

In contrast to what people believe, we do not stay alive with just the oxygen we take in from the air we breath–if that was the case we can bring people back to life by giving oxygen to dead people– It is Vitagara that is the life force- and it is the intelligent & vital force–it is present in everything– animate as well as inanimate ( in latent form)

Just like you can harness the power of etherical waves to trasmit electricity or radio waves, we can learn to harness the power of this life force– Vitagara– this is the most important and the missing link in the execution of the LOA and the manifestation of any intention

Watch for more articles on “Vitagara” — the universal life force that is present in everyone and everything– and how to harness its power through yoga of the mind and breathing.

31 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Your personal GPS to the higher self.

So you are about to embark in the new year- 2011, you have made your resolutions and set your goals and ready to  set out your intentions to make the coming year your best ever.

Do you ever wonder how it all works? Why some of your goals seems to manifest in an easy and relaxed manner and some of them take for ever to come to life? I often used to wonder about this myself after lot of research and contemplation, I have come to acknowledge the fact that there is a universal live force that takes care of all the checks and balances and decides when we are ready to receive it.

30 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Design your Destiny–The secret laws of wealth. Five(5) spiritual laws!

·         Understand the 5 Spiritual laws the “Gurus” will not tell you about.  

Instead of drifting by default of your past conditioning, you must learn to design your destiny by yourself. However, before you put a lot of energy behind it, you must understand the laws of nature that will give you guidance in this upcoming year. Then take time and contemplate upon each of these laws and write down the answers that flow to you. Within that answers there will be a “REVELATION”—follow your instincts from there on and before you know, you will be swimming in the ocean of wealth.

1.        Study of difference. Your difference from the “average Joe” or "mediocre Marry"– decides the importance of the role that you play. The difference in the role is the seed for reward. Out of this seed will come  your tree of wealth and the opportunity for significance. This is the gate for recognition. Take for example the top players in our world—what is synonymous with the following people—

·         Tiger Woods  = Golf

·         Bill Gates = personal computers

·         Mohammad Ali=boxing

·         Michael Jordan = Basket ball

In any endeavor you will find that there are leaders and they are the top earners of their respective industry. Perhaps this is because they have taken the time to find their “difference” and follow the spiritual laws.

What is the one difference you have?


Find the difference and then find how you can solve people's pain with your difference


You have no value till you solve a problem and once you learn how to do that you will get into synchronicity with the universe. You will get into the flow.

2.        Law of recognition: Everything you want is real close to you- something you really want, but don’t know where to look, is very close to you. Ask yourself what is it that you are not seeing?  Quiet your mind with the "yoga of  the mind" and wait to hear the answer. Perhaps in the people or things or circumstances that it is trying to show you a way to reach to your destination. Universe is a prankster; he/she likes to hide things in something,somebody, or in some circumstances and a lot of times in a way that you do not enjoy. It is up to you to keep looking and recognize the signals. Perhaps this blog could be one of the links. So continue to look and when your inner guidance system “sends you the signal” be there to accept it.


3.  Law of mind: Mind is your best friend or your worst enemy. Learn to work with your mind and you will be flowing in wealth, faster than you ever thought possible. The mind is like a child and it cannot be forced to do anything, it will start to throw tantrums. The best way to deal with it is to befriend it. Know what works the best, because your success depends on the mind.

 One helpful hint is that mind needs a hero- it works with images. So find your role model, create environment that are good for the mind.

 I like to set the images that create the mood for me. In my office, on my laptop, in my room, I have images of the things that I desire. This creates the sub conscious reminders of what I am working for. Then the work is not work, but it becomes joy. I have the  music that triggers my mind of happy memories, my successful moments, I have created triggers to snap it out of dull moments and I know when it really needs to rest, so I know not to force it and relax. Doing so, brings extra energy to my mind , my body and my spirit when I return to work.

 I have created the "Yoga for the mind" so you can learn to manage your mind, your-self-talk & conversations with your self must be that of optimism and enthusiasm, the love for life, about joy, happiness and success of the past and the future, that are on the way. Learn to focus-the thoughts, the energy in the direction of the things you desire and refrain from negative people, things and circumstances.


4.  Law of place: One of the important laws is, everything has a time and a place for it to happen. You must be in the right environment for the things to click for you. You need to surround yourself with people of like mind and perhaps create a mastermind group of people whom you can help and who can motivate you to keep moving forward. Perhaps this is why the saying- “birds of the same feather flock together”. Just take an example of a fish, when it is out of the water it will look stupid flapping its gills and with puckered mouth, gasping for air. However, if you just put it in the water it will swiftly swim away. This is because it belongs in the water. Similarly, if you are a blogger, a web marketer, or teacher, coach, guru or in any other endeavor, you must be in the right place and surrounded by people who has a need for your services. If you try to sell snow in Alaska it may not work, however a water stand will do great in a desert, provided there is traffic. You must remember that everything solves a problem and problems drives prosperity. Hence the place, the need and the environment is important 

5.     Law of time: Like the Law of place, the Law of time is equally important. This is one of nature’s important laws. Many people face defeat because they have failed to understand this law. Lot of people give up, just a step before they are about to strike rich. You must make sure you are not one of them. When you put a seed in the ground, it takes time for it to grow into a tree and then to bear the fruits. You do not get impatient and start to stomp on the ground asking it to hurry up, similarly you must give time to any endeavor in life, be it search for knowledge, wealth, love, joy, happiness or relationship. When the time is right things will appear like magic. Patience and perseverance is the key. In the meantime, it is important to make sure that the energy you send out to the universe is of positive nature. Be expectant, but with faith and excitement of how it will feel when you have what you desire. Your higher self is looking for the best possible ways to make your dreams come true, and since it works for the better good of all and there is no separation in the universe, meaning we are all one, it takes time for things to manifest, in the perfect manner


28 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

How to create the shift in your energy ( vibrations) to activate LOA

 Last year, one of my clients, Sheila (Not her real name) , was going through a divorce. The stress of divorce was reflecting in her behavior with the kids and subsequently the kids were not doing well in school. They were constantly getting in trouble. She was financially strained. She heard about Law of attraction from her friends and she was working with it, however she was not getting the results she desired. She saw the movie "the secret" repeatedly and had a great belief in the law, but it just did not seem to work for her, the way she wanted. She said that she had created her dream board, created affirmations and journals but something was missing. Some how she was still attracting things that she did not want and not enough of what she wanted. She was still having issues either in the family life, or her personal relationships, and most of all the finances. She was frustrated and was looking for a long term solution, when she came to me. She wanted balance in her life.

 After our initial discovery session, I brought to her attention that even though she was working with the dream boards, and affirmations and wishing for the law of attractions to come to her aid, her overall energy was not in tune with the things she desired. Her energy,her body language and her thoughts at the depth of her core being was not congruent with what she desired. The vibrations ( energy) that she set out in the universe were of lack and limitation. She had pent up emotions inside of her and she could not release that energy and the vibrations she was putting out was not right- The universe was obviously confused.

Once she started to work with the "yoga for the mind", she was able to get the thoughts under control.  I shared with her the things that were not being said in the movie and shared with her the importance of gratitude and how to follow her internal guidance system. This understanding and working with the "daha tantra" mp3 allowed here to release the pent up energy and started to breath and feel different. Her tone changed, her energy shifted and she started setting out the intentions that she wanted in the right manner–today she has the right man in her life and her life has turned around. I can feel the joy in her voice and feel her spirit in the her email.

 The moral of the story is that if you are working with LOA and not getting the results you must take a look at where your dominant thoughts are going–what is it that you are thinking of most of the day– do you think about the abundance and show gratitude for what you have in your life or are you focused on lack & limitation. The thoughts are energy and they create the vibrations that we send out in the world. We have 60,000 thoughts per day ( approximately) that means about 42 thoughts per minutes. The "yoga for the mind" will show you how to slow down these thoughts and how to create the ones that are congruent to what you desire.Perhaps, another way would be to find turn the thoughts in the right direction so the energy and vibrations that are created will expedite the manifestation process.

For now , just focus on what you keep on thinking for the next couple of days–are your thoughts about what you already have or are you focused on what you don't have ! The look at what you are manifesting in your life and if you need to make a change you may want to start working with your mind and thoughts.

More to come !

26 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Got purpose? How to find your real purpose?

Transformation with “Yoga for the Mind”

·        The purpose of life is a life of purpose- Got purpose?

·        Discover your “real” purpose, get guidance & answers. Unleash your internal powers.

·        Remove the self limiting beliefs and get into the flow.

·        Learn to Vibrate according to what you desire- activate the Law of attraction.

Get in tune with your spiritget into the “flow” and the wealth, success, money, joy and happiness will follow. Access your zero point and discover your divine purpose and unleash you super natural powers.

You are just a breath away from the clarity of your “real”purpose. We all have equal powers, and if you are not able to unleash your powers, perhaps, it is because you have not found your “real” purpose. Once you reach the Zero Point you will have clarity and know how to unleash your power within.

Most everyone is familiar with the Law of attraction, and perhaps has been able to use it to attract a few things that they desire. However, at one point or other, everyone reaches a threshold that we cannot seem to cross over. Then we start to look for help outside. Eventually we find that all self help books, teachers, gurus, masters and mentors will tell you that “the inner world creates the outer world”. Secondly, everything in the universe is made of energy or waves of possibilities. You can attract whatever you desire by using the Law of Attraction. The movie “the secret” shows that LOA is a simple system of three steps, asks, believe and receive, however I must say that it does not work equally for everyone as there are other elements that come in play.

For example, two mountain climbers who are equally conditioned, having similar body structure and weight, using the same techniques and approach, one makes it and the other is sitting at a lower summit with a broken leg-waiting for a rescue team? Why does this happen?Why accidents seem to be attracted to some people and others seem to be "lucky"in every thing they do? 

From the outside, to the naked eye and the simple mind, everything may seem identical, but you do not know what their inner world is created of.You must understand and accept that there is a higher power or source that is in force and will guide you to the mountain top—however, you must be sure that you are on the right path. Your source of wealth is hiding in your weakest point!

All you have to do is connect with your “real” purpose and then everything will start to flow- you will be in communion with the universe, the nature will start to sing, you will be energized, the opportunities will flow, the doors will open and the blocks will fall off ! Things will happen in natural course of events.

First you have to understand that your conditionings may force you to want what the your parents, spouse, children or the society wants of you—until you resolve your inner conflict you are not going to be able to flow—and until you flow the right things will not come to you and if you force it, they may not stay with you.

  • Does Law of Attraction work at some times but not others?
  • Are there things in your life that are not working the way you intended?
  • Are you frustrated and not getting what you want in life?










More to follow !

24 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Goal setting for 2011

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I would like to wish all of you'll a very merry Christmas and a very happy & a prosperous new year.

It seems like this year has passed rather quickly. This is a good time to look at the past year and celebrate the accomplishments and set goals for the up coming year. Lot of us set goals for personal growth and attaining material things in life. Clear goals are essential foundation of success and life mastery. Lasting changes in life comes with precise objectives in every facet of ones life. The most successful people know where they are going and set goals in all aspects of their lives, which includes, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial goals. Once the goals are set, you must focus on those goals with deep emotions and expectation of achieving those goals.

I follow a very simple goal setting plan and I would like to share that with you as a gift:

7 step goal setting formula:

  1. Know what your deepest desires are: This is perhaps the biggest secret of success, knowing precisely what you desire and what your secret ambitions are. The best way to do this is to visualize your eulogy being read at your own funeral. What would you like to be on it? Do you want to hear that you were the best parent, or the richest man/woman or perhaps a great athlete or a successful businessperson? Think deeply and decide what you would like to achieve in this life time.
  2. Focus on your goals: You become what you think. This is an ageless wisdom that has been passed on to us and one must take time to understand and implement this in ones life- Focus on what you desire to bring in life and create deep thoughts and emotions that will activate the Law of attraction to set the stage to attracts the life that you desire.
  3. Set precise goals: Some gurus and masters suggest that you must set goals with deadlines. However, it has been my life experience that when you set deadline, you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to achieve goals in that time line. Having attachment, creates thoughts of worry and doubt. since, the universe is working for the better good of all– it sometimes takes time to line everything up to manifest and all that is required of you is total faith that it is on its way– one way to look at this is when you set a seed in the ground, you must just wait for the nature to take it's course. The plant needs water & sunlight and you may control the water but you have no direct control over the sunlight, similarly, you must let nature do it's work–just have faith and it will come.
  4. Success is a habit: You must take action on daily bases, no matter how small the action it, do something everyday and before you know you will reach your goal. If you decide to improve 1% everyday, in thirty days you will grow 30% and in a year you will be 365% better. A good thing to remember is that it takes approximately 21 days or 3 weeks to form a habit. Once you are past the 3 weeks, it will become an habit and you will not be working as hard to take the particular action.
  5. Share your goals with others: Sharing your goals will create synergy and put light pressure on you to keep taking actions towards that goal.
  6. Join mastermind groups: Once you share your goals with other, you will see that the LOA will get into motion and people with similar interest or opportunities will come your way. You can use online groups and mastermind teams that will help you stay focused and motivated. Moreover, you will be able to share ideas and be a mentor to someone else. Remember. the best way to  grow is to teach someone what you know.
  7. Celebrate your milestones: Once you set your goals, you may want to chunk it down so you will have the opportunity to reach the milestones and celebrate success. This will give you confidence and belief that your lofty goals are possible–how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time !!


I have been very blessed and in my endeavor to share my blessings with as many people as possible I have created this blog and I intent to share my life experience and my knowledge that will allow you to manifest the life you desire.

Here's to your success

Rajah Sharma