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08 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

2014 is around the corner ! Are you ready?

We are in the age of manifestation. The speed of the manifestation is getting fast and furious. The age of twitter & facebook…

If you have not figured out how to manifest your dreams into reality, then you need to make a change.

We all are looking for something or other. It may be health, wealth, success, love, happiness or joy. If , what you are looking for, is evading you, then you need to look at the way you are trying to manifest it. Perhaps you need to make a change. Because ultimately,  these “things” are just the vehicles for our expansion.

We believe that people have inner blocks that does not allow the new reality to come in. So no matter how hard you keep on trying, you will revert  to the same results. This is true up to certain extend.

But for years we were focused on creating with our minds… believing that actions will create results and we kept on doing the same thing again and again. Until, we expanded our consciousness and learned about the sub conscious mind and the powerful role it plays.

So, since then, we focused on the sub-conscious mind… our past conditioning creates our present reality….

However, if you are still stuck in a life of lack and limitation.. perhaps it is time to expand to the next level.

We moved from mind to sub conscious mind.

Now, it is time to move from sub conscious to Super Conscious….

After all we are at the gates of 2014…

Happy Holidays !!

Joy & Happiness to you !


27 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Are you ready to give up the struggle?

21 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The gateway to ascension or abundance!

The zero point is the gateway to the vortex.

The breathing matrix is the vehicle to reach the Zero Point, the gateway.

Today we are going to talk about the applications of this knowledge and how it can create a shift in your real life. In the last few blogs we have talked about Vitagara, the universal life force, which is vital, and intelligent. Once this life force is harnessed we can direct it with the power of the mind to achieve whatever we desire, be it ascension to higher realms or abundance of material wealth.

First of all it is important to know that this knowledge is not meant for the faint of the heart, because it challenges everything that you have known so far. It requires openness, determination and conviction, to step in here. But, the fact of the matter is that once you step into this realm you will never be the same.

The second important thing is for you to believe that we are spiritual beings. We are part and parcel of the Supreme power. We are unlimited beings and we have unlimited potentials. We are here to expand our consciousness (spiritual evolution) and we have received the bio body suit (our body) and a mind as tools to accomplish this expansion. We are here to enjoy, celebrate the power and experience life at its fullest. We are not here to suffer, or live a life of lack, limitation, fear and worry. Unfortunately, we  have forgotten who we are and we have attached with our body, mind and the material world and we believe that is all there is. The fact remains that we came here with nothing and we will not take anything with us. Obviously, there must be a bigger purpose to life than just creating material wealth and losing ourselves in the sensual pleasures.

There is lot more to life than what we experience with our five senses and the mind. However, to reach the vortexes of the higher dimensions we must raise our awareness. The fish born in a house aquarium, has awareness that is limited to it’s environment; it may not believe that there is a big ocean and the bigger mammals like the whales will exist. And perhaps if you could talk to the whales, they may not believe that huge cities, with skyscrapers, cars, planes, and humans traveling in space shuttle to the moon, also exist on the planet. Their awareness is limited to their waters. Similarly, most everyone  has awareness that is limited to their environments. The only thing that comes between you and the higher awareness is your conditioned mind.

There is lot more to the universe then what we can experience with our five senses. We can reach the higher realms by raising our frequency of vibrations. This can be achieved by breathing in certain patterns and activating our chakras or the energy vortexes in the body. The body and mind are tools and we must learn how to use them to reach the higher dimensions. It is critical to understand that our physical body is surrounded by etheric, astral, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, which we call aura. When we are talking about the ascension we are talking about raising our awarness and vibrational frequency to the desired level. We are not talking about raising the freqeuncy of vibrations so we can raise your physical body. Just like when a balloon is filled with helium it starts to rise to higher ground, you can harness the power of Vitagara, the universal life force and raise your consciousness to higher levels.

As I said earlier, it requires openness, determination and conviction to travel this road. It was not too long ago when the power of electricity was harnessed out of water.  It was new then but our generation does not even give it a thought. Almost 25% of United States is using this kinetic power of water as the primary source of energy.Same applies to the radio waves, microwaves, nuclear and the power of atoms that have been harnessed. We use the cell phones, internet, Wi-Fi and other technologies because we have harnessed the power of ethereal waves and radio waves. The present generation is very comfortable with the new technologies and perhaps does not remember when the first cell phone was as big as a shoe box (well J almost) Similarly, we are expanding our consciousness and learning how to harness the universal life force, Vitagara and raise our frequency of the vibrations that we are in. Perhaps, this is new today, but rest assured the level of our consciousness is rising and it will not be long before people start to work with this technology and start to raise the consciousness’ to the levels that we are resisting today. Even though the science has made so much progress the universe still has the secrets like the Pyramids, the stone hedges, the crop circles and so on.

I am willing to bet, that at a certain level, this will make sense to you. However, once the conditioned mind comes back in the picture it will start to dig in the heels and say this stuff is absurd. The fact of the matter is that mind is the cause of all the problems and as I said earlier the only thing that comes between you and the possibility of you experiencing the ultimate, is your mind.


Joy & Blessings to all !


21 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The vortex and the secret of breathing

The traditional meditation and yoga is focused on wellness of the mind & body as well as raising the awareness. But, the Zero Point Matrix is a technology to reach self mastery by focusing on harnessing the power of the Vitagara through rhythmic breathing. Then, using the power of Vitagara, raise the frequency of the vibrations and enter the vortex. Just like the space shuttle needs to exert additional energy to get out of the earth’s atmosphere and into the space, where it can float effortlessly, the body & mind requires additional life force to rise to higher frequency of vibration to get to the vortex where it can flow effortlessly.

The science & art of breathing is the key to raise the frequency of the vibrations. You may be surprised to know that we do not breathe though both our nostril. Typically one is dominant and the other is slightly open or closed. You can test this by putting the back of your hand under your nose, closing one nostril, and breathing on your hand, through the other. The dominance of each channel changes approximately every ninety minutes. There are certain times of the day when both the nostrils are open. This is when we are taking in the most Vitagara and we are full of vitality; in other words we are more energetic at these times of the day. The timing is different for everyone, but most of the time one and half hour before sunrise (Brahma hour) and in the evening, at sunset are typically the best times to infuse the body with this life force.

There are three channels for the life force to travel. This energy for the subtle bodies flows through these three channels. The left nostril is the lunar (moon energy), which has feminine attributes (introverted) and of negative polarity. It corresponds to the left hand side of the body and the right hand side of the brain. The right nostril is the solar (sun energy). This is the masculine (extroverted), active and strong energy. It corresponds to the right hand side of the body and the left hand side of the brain. Just like you tested the dominance of the nostril, you can test the warmth and coolness of the breath as well. The left nostril will feel cool and the right will feel warm. The central channel is very powerful and guides us consciously or unconsciously to the higher awareness or to the vortex. The central channel connects the base chakra to the crown chakra.

The chakras are the subtle energy vortexes in the body. The flow of the energy in the central channel activates them. The chakras are the psychic centers that lie along the axis of the spine as consciousness potentials. They are not a part of the physical body but they are subtle and part of the etheric body. The consciousness which includes the vital force (energy) and the mental force (information) flows through these channels and chakras. The solar and lunar channels are just like the negative & positive forces of the electricity and the third one being like the ground wire. Sometimes the three channels are depicted as two serpents twisting on a rod and are compared to the caduceus of Hermes.

We take thirteen to fifteen breaths per minutes. This is approximately, 21600 per day. We can drastically extend our lives and change our health by slowing down the rate of our breath. As you know the dogs breathe lot faster than humans and have shorter lives.  The science of breathing reveals several secrets that can be applied to harness the universal life force, which provides the vitality and help us shift the frequency of the vibrations to reach the vortex of higher consciousness.

In the next blog we will talk about the application of the breath to reach the vortex

Joy & blessings to all !

21 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How to be in the vortex?

In the last blog we talked about the macroscopic and the microscopic vortexes. We have no control over the macroscopic vortex, which is the cosmic or the divine energy vortex. However we do have the power to get into any of the microscopic vortexes, just by shifting the frequency of our vibration.

Before you can get into the vortex you must go to the Zero point. This is the gateway to the vortex. For example, if you are moving from negative to positive states of vibrations, you will have to come to the point of shift, the ground zero.  To clarify this, let us use a numerical example. Let’s say you want to move from -10 (negative) to +10 (positive). You will have to rise up from -10 to -9,-8,-7,-6 and so on till you reach the state of ZERO. Once there, you will start to shift to + 1, +2, +3 and so on. Similar, journey is required to shift the frequency of your vibration and move from negative to positive vortex.

The Zero point is the gate way to the vortex.  In quantum physics the zero point is the lowest point of energy. In material or physical world the thought is considered as the seed level of all manifestation. It is known as the “beej” in Sanskrit, (sometimes used as the beeja mantra). The thought is what gives the frequency to the vibration that you want to create. What I mean is; for you to be able to create a shift in the frequency of your vibration, you have to create a shift in your focus. The change of focus is nothing more than the activity of the mind and the easiest way to control the mind is through breath awareness.

The Supreme power, the Gods or the source has given us the body and mind as a tool to experience the life.  By using the mind or the thought focus we can shift the frequency of the vibrations we are in. If the mind is focused on the lack, limitation, loss, fear, doubt and worry; then we are in dense vibration and are stuck in negative state. If you want to move to higher state then you have to shift your vibrations to a higher frequency. The higher frequency of the vibration is a requisite to move to the gateway of the Zero point and then into the desired vortex. The higher frequency of vibrations can be achieved by having a higher supply of the life force, Vitagara. Just like the space shuttle needs to exert additional energy to get out of the earth atmosphere and into the space, the body & mind requires additional life force to rise to higher frequency of vibration to get to the vortex. The life force can be harnessed by rhythmic breathing.

The Zero point Matrix is a dynamic system of rhythmic breathing. You breathe in certain patterns to harness additional life force that will create a shift in your frequency. This life force is called Vitagara. This life force is also known as prana, chi, qui and other names. However, I want to stay away from the old religious implications, and therefore have coined a new term, Vitagara. The Vita means life and Vitagara is the torrent of life.

In our next blog we will talk about the secrets of the Vitagara and how we can harness it.

Joy & blessings to all !

20 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Zero point or the vortex?

What is the difference between the zero point and the vortex? 

One of my clients asked me the above question and I thought it would make an interesting topic for the blog. So, here it is.

Essentially, we are talking about the same thing in a different language. There are a lot of ways to the mountain top. There is not one right way. However, the fact remains that you can employ any system as long as you have belief in it.

The first and foremost thing is that you understand what I am talking about. I am talking about reaching the zero point which is not a physical or material state. You cannot experience it with your five senses. It is a sublime feeling and it encompasses your whole being. You feel “the feeling” when you are at the zero point. This feeling is heart based and not experienced with your mind. You get the “happy & giddy” feeling like you feel when you are in love. It is a state of ecstasy, a mystical experience. You feel the connection with the Source.

Once you reach the zero point you are in the flow. Life begins to flow and the resistance falls off. Typically, you are in one of the four states, fight, flight, freeze or flow.  Each of these states has a different frequency of vibration. .  For example, when you desire to manifest something you can only be in the above states, you are in a state of fight or flight meaning you running away from it or resisting it.  When you are in a state of freeze, you are in denial & not allowing it in your life, meaning your vibrations are not at the matching frequency.  The state of flow is where the magical life will appear and perhaps you may wonder where it has been all this time. The law of attraction works all the time, but if you are in a state of fight, flight or freeze you will continue to attract more of the same. In fact, you are manifesting everything by getting into a certain frequency of the vibration.

The source or the supreme power is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Basically, everything is energy and the creation itself is a vortex but our consciousness has not expanded to the level of this understanding. These vortexes can be at macroscopic level and microscopic level. The macroscopic level is the cosmic force and is out of the reach of our understanding and not in our control. We can call it the source, supreme power or God. However, at the microscopic level we can shift the frequency and penetrate different levels which are the physical, ethereal, mental, emotional, spiritual, monad, adi level. The zero point is the gateway.

In my next blog we will talk about how we can shift the frequency of vibration and move from the negative state to the positive state and experience the bliss.

Joy & blessings to all !

06 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Instant Manifestation!

 A simple technique to get what you desire, instantly.

Many people are not getting the results from the Law of attraction. They have watched the movie– the secret– and have followed the system all the way. They have created the dream board, did the visualizations, the incantations and followed the system completely. But yet have to get what they want.

Are you one of them? Are you looking for  wealth or trying to get into perfect health or looking for the fabulous relationship ? Are you having problems to be, do or have what you want? Well, worry not, because I will share with you a simple but profound secret that I learned from one of the great masters.

As you know everything in the world is energy, in the form of waves of possibilities. We choose our reality or experience, by our thoughts. The visualization, dream boards, incantations and all other  tools and rituals are there to help us focus our thoughts on the things that we desire. The science behind this is to get clarity  for what we want. I have created the “Yoga for the mind” for this purpose.

Once you get clarity, then you have to set out the intention . After that,  you should focus on your energy with clarity and consistency and you will be able to turn your dreams into reality.

Our energy flows in four directions. We are in one of the four states of energy. Fight, flight, freeze or flow. The only way to manifest positive results for what we desire , is to be in the state of flow. However, our conditioning does not allow us to get into the state of flow. This is due to the fear, whether it is the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown or any other fears. Because of the fear we  create a resistance or an approach avoidance. The fear comes from our past conditionings and is present in our body in the form of stagnated energy.  The best way to remove these stagnated energy is through the breathing matrix and aligning you chakras or the energy vortexes in your body.  By breathing in certain rhythmatic patterns you are able to get these energies flowing and once the stagnated energy starts to move you will be able to create the vibrations that will get you in the flow.

For the next few days, pay attention to the way you are feeling. If you are in a state of worry, fear or doubt, then stop for a moment. Close your eyes–not if you are driving 🙂 — then bring your focus on the tip of your nose. Count till four and take a deep breath. Then hold it for another count of four, and then let it out for another count of four. Do this five times. Ask yourself, what can I do right now to reach my goal. Take a small action towards your goal, no matter what it is–just do it !


Joy & blessings to all !

14 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Learn how “avatar” can turn your dreams into reality.

Life is wonderful. The whole creation is a beautiful symphony and the more you become aware of it, the more you will be in the awe of its grandeur. Everything is happening in the right way, at the right time for the right people. If you do not have what you desire, there is a reason for it not happening. Perhaps you are missing a step in the manifestation process or maybe it has manifested and you are not accepting it. The zero point matrix – the yoga for the mind- is created to help you gain clarity of the manifestation process.

The universe and the law of attraction work all the time, whether you are aware of it or not. In fact, everything that takes form started out as a thought or an intention at one time. The thought is a creative magnetic energy. It attracts people, things, opportunities and circumstances. The initial intention that you set out has to be very precise, clear and consistent. The universe likes clarity and consistency.

However, a lot of people make mistake in the acceptance part. What I mean by that is if you set out an intention for a car, or a better job, wealth, or anything else, your waiting state should be the one of expectation. You must not allow any of thoughts that will negate the creative magnetic energy of your intention. Since, everything is energy; the energy (vibrations) we create must be congruent with what we desire. Our energy is created by the thought impulse and we must manage each one of our thoughts very carefully. This requires total vigilance on our part. On the outset this sounds impossible, but once you learn to use the “YOGA FOR THE MIND” it becomes easier. Repetition is the mother of all skills. Once you reach the zero point and while  you are in the state of expectation, you must keep away from the thoughts of fear, doubt, worry, lack and limitation. The best way is to keep busy with something that you love to do.

If you are or have been in a relationship you may be able to understand this because manifestation is about falling in love with the thing you desire. Take some time and contemplate on this relationship. Go to the beginning–ground zero—or the zero point of your relationship– The first time you saw your mate, you had a deep desire to create a relationship with them. This is a form of intention you were setting out. The thoughts, creative magnetic energy, went into play. The thought impulse set out the chemicals in your body, which made you take a step to contact them or set out the vibes (signals) for them to notice you. Once this happens and the initial step is taken the next meetings are exciting and the process of waiting is full of expectation.

In the east they have an avatar for everything. The science behind this is, mind works with images and the thought impulse that are set out from the mind creates the magnetic energy for law of attraction. To create the feeling for the things that you want you must visualize and the mind can easily accept the things it has seen before. The best way to do this is to create an “avatar” or an image of the thing you desire. Using “YOGA FOR THE MIND” you can go as far as creating a face, body, a look and feel as well as a name, even if it is a car, house, business or anything else. This helps you bring it to life in your mind and start working with your thoughts and emotions that will create the magnetic energy (vibrations) which will attract it in your life. Again, clarity and consistency is the key. Like in the movie, Avatar, one can get into the machine ( our body) and close the lid ( our eyes) and then we can get into the world of the spirits ( our world of thoughts-the spiritual world). Once you are here, you get amazing powers and you can get on your flying horse and explore your domain.


·         You have all the powers you need, to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. You are a mini creator and you can create anything.

·         You must set out the intention with clarity-then keep consistent focused attention on your goal.

·         Be in the state of expectation, which will set out the energy (vibes) that will attract what you desire

·         Create an avatar for what you desire and then you can easily bring it in your present reality.

Joy & blessings to all !

08 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Raise your awarness and gain anything you want !

We can get anything we want—it is already here- it is just a matter of shifting the awareness of our capabilities.

We are like computers. Our subconscious mind is our internal control panel, (the motherboard in the computer) on this mother board there are several switches or thermostats (our paradigms). One for financial, physical, love, and success and so on—these are set early in our childhood. You must learn how to create a paradigm shift.

It is all about focus.  Have you ever used the sun light and magnifying glass to light paper on fire? The trick is to focus the glass on one spot. Same way, you have to do with your focus. In the manifestation process, whatever you focus on will expand.

Whatever you want to be, to do or to have is already here. It is available to us all the time, anytime, anywhere. It is as simple as shifting your awareness. Let’s say you are looking to grow financially. And, your yearly income is $ 100K per year. The only reason you are making $ 100K annually is because you are not aware of the process of making $ 100 k per month. Once your awareness grows, the paradigm will shatter by itself. The child does not have the same level of awareness as the adult. A seven year old sits behind the steering wheel of the car and thinks that the steering wheel is the sole mechanism involved in the movement of the car, yet as an adult, you would know the fine mechanism involved in the movement of the car. Similarly, the process of manifestation may not be of interest to you, but you must acknowledge the fact that the shift in awareness is necessary to evolve to a higher consciousness, to reach the abundance you desire.

The world is growing by leaps and bounds. We have access to opportunities that exist on the other side our world. In fact, I will be back home in California, just a few hours from now, but, at present, I am in India as I write this article. We can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is the result of the evolution of faculties of our brain. At one point in time, invention of electricity was great achievement. And today, we are enjoying the harnessing of the radio waves, the micro waves, by the use of televisions, micro waves, cell phones, computers, planes and so on.

The electricity, radio waves, hydro power, micro waves etc, are serving us because we have learned how to harness their powers. In other words, our awareness has grown. These powers were always existent; however, we were not aware about their capabilities. Similarly, the next phase will be to harness the power of the Vitagara, which is the universal live force. It is present in everything and everybody. This universal live force is intelligent. It can be harnessed by the power of mind. Naturally, it is hard for one to see or believe this because it is very new to us. 

Everything expands in stages. For us to experience the highest form of our being, we must go through the gradual process of growth.Our awareness expands in four stages. Initially, we start with the victim mentality, then we expand to the mini-creator or a manifestor, then we become the mystics or and finally we find our divine selves, which is the purpose of our birth in human form. We will continue to touch these stages in depth in future articles, however at present, my purpose it to help the people who have the victim mentality to manifest the life they desire so they can expedite the journey to the spiritual realms.

The zero point matrix is a simple rhythmic breathing technique that takes one to the zero point which is the state of mind where the thoughts are in the seed form. Once you reach this state you can invite the answers that you are looking for and you are able to get clarity of your purpose on earth as well as grow your awareness from inside out. Your intellect will grow at this point because you are not just accumulating information from other sources, but it is your own divine self that will be guiding you. You will not need to be pushed from outside, as your motivation will come from within. This will be the true source of your wealth.   

Once you reach the zero point you are able to harness the powers of Vitagara, the universal live force, which is infused with cosmic intelligence. Vitagara is the energy that envelopes the whole creation. Your higher self, Source energy or God-by whatever name you call him/her  is the first cause of this energy. The mind influences the flow of Vitagara and the Vitagara fuels the mind so they are interdependent. There are two worlds, one is the physical or material world that we experience with the five senses and the inside world is mental or spiritual. The mind is the connecting link between the two.

Vitagara is the energy that animates all the matter and provides vitality to the human body. The Vitagara provides outside information in form of intuition at the Buddhic level, which many refer to as the internal guidance system. If Vitagara is absorbed in excess, it will wake up unforeseen forces of the nature in the mind. These are the psychic powers. The Vitagara is the one that creates the shift in consciousness by infusing the required divine knowledge. The ability to become rich in any endeavor of life can be cultivated on demand by harnessing the powers of Vitagara.

Joy & blessings to all !

07 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

You have unlimited powers and you can manifest anything you desire !

Last week I had posted an article with a link of CNN news , where I had heard about an Indian yogi who has amazing powers and has not eaten for 65+ years.Ofcourse, this is a hard pill to swallow for anyone, and eventhough I am a firm believer in the unlimited powers of the humans and I wanted to convince myself that this is possible and I want to learn more about him and so I set out an intention, by using the yoga for the mind. I was amazed at the results that were produced by that intention and I wanted to share the results with you.

Like you know, whatever you focus on expands and so I started to come across lots of examples of people who have fasted for long periods of times and that included Christian Saints who lived without eating like St. Lidwina of Schiedam, Blessed Elizabeth of Rent, St. Catherine of Siena, Dominica Lazarri, Blessed Angela of Feligno, and the 19th century Louise Lateau. St. Nicholas of Flue ,to name a few..

However, due to the intention I had set out, in a interesting turn of events, I went on an unplanned trip to India. Every so often I visit India, but this particular trip was very spiritually inclined. One of the reasons I say this is, because, I was able to spend some time with my best friend, just before he passed away. He was only 51 years old and full of life. Not only do I believe that the universe had set up the stage for us to meet for the last time and I was able to be there for him as well as partake in his final rites–I was surrounded by his energy for a long time and  at his funeral, I was connected with the people who are very close to the yogi that I had set out the intention to meet. Go figure ! It feels like the universe orchestrated this trip to perfection, I feel so blessed to be in this energy vortex that I am completely indulging myself with the experience I am having.

After seeing the yogi in action, I was totally mesmerized by his powers. I was to receive the answers to my questions in my dreams and I will share those answers in my next blog, but for now you can enjoy the videos about my trip to meet with the yogi-