“Yoga for the Mind”

Be in the vortex, activate your chakras and the Law of attraction.

Discover your “real” purpose, get guidance and answers, Unleash your powers within.

Learn to Vibrate according to what you desire. Harness the power!

The Zero Point Matrix is a simple but dynamic system of rhythmic breathing that allows one to reach the zero point of the mind, where all thoughts begin. This is the gateway to the higher realms or a point to expedite the manifestation process.

Get in tune with your spirit.. get into the “flow” and the health, wealth, success, money, joy and happiness will follow. Access your zero point and discover your divine purpose and unleash you super natural powers.
You are just a breath away from the clarity of your “real” purpose. We all have equal powers, and if you are not able to unleash your powers, perhaps, it is because you may not be using it in the right way. Once you reach the Zero Point you will have clarity and know how to unleash your power within.

What are the universal powers ?

The universal powers are the ones that create everything and at a individual level it allows us to manifest things in life.

Why can some people manifest things faster than others or in other words why are some people more successful than other? This may not make sense; because anatomically, we all are same; meaning we all have the same hands, legs, eyes, brain and similar body parts. We also have same number of hours in the day and the same number of days in a week. Similarly, the universal laws like the law of gravity, law of vibrations and law of attraction works equally for every one. Then, what makes some people more successful than others?

Well ! just like the universal laws there are universal powers and like everything else, we all have equal powers. The examples of these powers are the electricity or the hydro power that comes from the water, the solar power; that is being developed to run cars and radio waves; which are used to broadcast music & television as well as used for the cell phones. Similarly, there are other powers that gives us the ability to manifest the things in live and which causes some people to be more successful than others. These powers can be harnessed by anyone. It is just a matter of getting the right knowledge.

All you have to do is get the right knowledge and you can connect with your “real” purpose and then everything will start to flow- you will be in communion with the universe, the nature will start to sing, you will be energized, the opportunities will flow, the doors will open and the blocks will fall off ! Things will happen in natural course of events.

First you have to understand that your conditionings may force you to want what  your parents, spouse, children or the society wants of you..however, your may want something totally different. This may create conflict which will not allow things to come into your life. Until you resolve your inner conflict you are not going to be able to flow..and until you flow the right things will not come to you and if you force it, they may not stay with you.

Secondly, you need to raise your awareness to a higher level. Just like a small fish in the lake may not know about the big fish in the river or the ocean, because the fish has never been past the lake. It’s awareness is limited to it’s environment. Simlalry, there are powers avaiable to all of us, but our awarness is limited to our environment, our upbringing and what we see with our five senses. It is just a matter of opening our minds and allowing this knowledge to flow in and then we can learn to use the universal powers to manifest anything we desire.

Zero Point Matrix:

a manifestation guide and Companion Audio Series

The powerful information I want to share with you can shed light on a new technique to unleash the universal powers. regardless of your current experience level.

The Zero Point Matrix Manifestation Guide explains in details about the role of the mind, sub conscious mind as well as the universal mind, in the manifestation process. If you are not getting the desired results, you owe it to yourself to read this book and understand how the harmonic relation of all the three minds is necessary to create the desired results.

The Zero Point Matrix Companion Audio Series are the tools that will lead you to the vortex, connect with your higher self, remove your self-limiting beliefs, set out the intention as well as create the matching vibrations that will attract the things you desire, in the fastest possible way. Learn complete details about the life force and the science of breathing to manifest

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