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2014 is around the corner ! Are you ready?

We are in the age of manifestation. The speed of the manifestation is getting fast and furious. The age of twitter & facebook…

If you have not figured out how to manifest your dreams into reality, then you need to make a change.

We all are looking for something or other. It may be health, wealth, success, love, happiness or joy. If , what you are looking for, is evading you, then you need to look at the way you are trying to manifest it. Perhaps you need to make a change. Because ultimately,  these “things” are just the vehicles for our expansion.

We believe that people have inner blocks that does not allow the new reality to come in. So no matter how hard you keep on trying, you will revert  to the same results. This is true up to certain extend.

But for years we were focused on creating with our minds… believing that actions will create results and we kept on doing the same thing again and again. Until, we expanded our consciousness and learned about the sub conscious mind and the powerful role it plays.

So, since then, we focused on the sub-conscious mind… our past conditioning creates our present reality….

However, if you are still stuck in a life of lack and limitation.. perhaps it is time to expand to the next level.

We moved from mind to sub conscious mind.

Now, it is time to move from sub conscious to Super Conscious….

After all we are at the gates of 2014…

Happy Holidays !!

Joy & Happiness to you !


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